Social highlights from Facebook will be recapped here for those who do not have Facebook. (These Facebook highlights will not be archived on this website since they will be accessible on Facebook.  Event pictures will be posted on Facebook in albums.)

 Lake Picnic August 11, 2018
 Thank you to Jeff & Theresa   Parent for hosting the 2018   Lake Picnic.   


The 2018 July 4th Fireworks were spectacular again this year and the Boat Parade did not disappoint!   

A big "thank you" for the fireworks, and to everyone who participated in this year's boat parade, thank you to the judges, thank you to Larry Menshek for the recognition plaques, and Congratulations to the winners!

          First Place:  Sandy Lake Moonshiners
          Second Place:  Ice Fishing
          Third Place:  The Pollinators Happy Hive
          Honorable Mention:  Happy Birthday America

Thank you to all who participated in the July 4th 2019 Boat Parade, Thank you to the judges and Thank you to those who gave us a spectacular July 4th fireworks show!