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  Bass Slot-Limit DNR Inquiry
 DNR response regarding a slot-   limit on bass.  (Click on  document to open)
  Sandy Lake South side Boat Access
 Baldwin Township plans for the south   side   boat access gates.  (Click on document to   open)
COLA - Coalition of Lake Associations
Click on a link below so see the detail of the  COLA  information that was discussed at the June 10, 2017,  lake   association meeting as it was provided to the SLIA President.  (Click on document to open)

 Sandy Lake Outlet (1986)
 The outlet permit and design plans have   been obtained from the DNR.
 The drain is 18 inches or 1.5 feet below the   ordinary high water mark as set by the DNR.
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got fish? ... the fish have been stocked!
With the assistance of a private fish stocking company, the required live fish transportation permits to stock our lake, have been submitted to the DNR for approval.  The DNR permits may be approved as submitted or may include changes required by the DNR.  Once we have final approval, the delivery of the fish will be scheduled.  The expected delivery is October 2017.  More details will follow as they become available.
Fish Stocking UPDATE:  The permits submitted to the DNR were approved on 9/27/17.  The fish are tentatively scheduled for delivery sometime after October 12th.  The delivery date will follow once it is confirmed.  We're getting close!  
Fish Stocking UPDATE: There were 800 fish stocked into the lake Sunday morning, 10/‚Äč15/17, at the north side access. 

The Gate and Signs are up at the lake accesses... take a look! The first two pictures are the south side access. The third picture is the signage on the north side access.

Fishing Contest
The Sandy Lake Fishing Contest has been discontinued until further notice. 
Thank you to all who managed the contest over the years and to all who entered.
Sandy Lake
   Aug 2009
The Great  8
Repair of the North-side Boat Access!
The repair of the north-side boat ramp was completed 
on Tuesday,  September 25, 2018.